Thursday, 23 February 2017

thursday thoughts pt. 44

It's been a while since I last posted one of my Thursday thoughts. In fact, the last time was two years ago! Can't believe it's been that long, to be honest. And even though it's also been a year since I wrote this one down, this quote still feels vey much like something worth sharing. I do hope you're all keeping your softness, your sweetness and your pride. Especially now when believing the world to be a beautiful place is oftentimes made harder by everything that's happening in the world.

Hope you're all having a good week!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

turku and travel

I've been travelling a bit this year. And I plan on travelling quite a bit more. These are all little snaps from Turku, mostly from when I first arrived there. And even though it's officially my place of residence and has been for the past six months, looking back at these it feels more like looking at photos from a holiday. I know I'll be back there come autumn, but it still doesn't feel permanent and for the moment I am embracing my more nomadic side. One of my goals I've set for myself (not for the new year but more like a "25 things before 25") was to travel more and that is possibly one of my most achievable goals. Moving to Portugal for an indefinite time definitely helps in it, and has been pretty great so far. There's so many half-planned trips on my mind that I can take from here as well. I was even half-joking about visiting a new country every month this year. (Which would be great if I wasn't a cheap student.) Exploring Portugal and visiting Spain and Morocco are at the top of my list right now. And once I get back to Turku, I know there's more to explore in that corner of the world!

What are your travel plans for the near future and this year?

P.S. If anyone is up for a holiday in Morocco with me, get in touch! (Seriously. Not even half-joking.)

Thursday, 2 February 2017

little my, little me

 Coat - Urban Outfitters
Jumper - Moomin official
Dress (as skirt) - H&M
Shoes - New look

I just missed the good light for the actual outfit photos, but it still made the church and churchyard look pretty. And you know I love a good church and graves. I will definitely be back exploring this one once I get back to Finland again.

Another thing I love is my Moomin jumper. I had been looking at them for a while, but they didn't have an L back then. I contemplated getting an S or an O for my middle names, or a J for Jones, or just a random letter with a good character on it. But before Christmas I saw this Little My number and had to get it! (I always get a Christmas present for myself and this year it really was a good one.) It is genuinely the most comfortable top I own. My hair isn't quite long enough for me to do a proper Little My bun, so this little top knot had to do for now.

Let me know if you're a tiny bit Moomin daft too and we can talk more about Moomins and which character would go with your initials (haha)!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

through the years: january

Let's get right into it (as if I had never been gone at all)! These are one of my favourite posts to write, it is just so much fun looking through old posts and pictures. Fun, nostalgic and cringey. Here's what I've been wearing in the Januarys of 2010s:

2011: Ah, my school uniform days. Wearing tiny vests used to be such a thing - at least for me. So was wearing bows in my hair! And I was such a rule breaker, not wearing black trousers. I do like this outfit because I liked wearing the uniform. And I do still wear these trousers sometimes when I'm at my mum's.

2012: Again, I still have these shorts (and the hat!). I don't wear them that much though, but am still glad I made them. Five years ago. (Genuinely none of these seem to be from that long ago.) This was definitely not an outfit I ever even wore, I was just photographing the teddy bear shorts.. Also, could I unbotton this shirt more, eh?

2013: Aw, in my raincoat in Roundhay. I still wear the faux fur hat in winter, I still wear the raincoat when it rains, I still wear the mittens. Such a basic outfit, but I feel like I used to wear this or something similar often in my first year at uni!

2014: This I would not mind wearing again either, as I still wear the coat and the hat. I feel like my outerwear hasn't changed much at all through the years.

2015: I chose these two outfits. One because it's something I wore all the time - then and now. Both the coat and the dress are something I basically wear on a weekly basis. Two because it's January and I'm not wearing tights or leggings or anything. Literally how? You can't even see the actual outfit, a dress, (and I only have the coat in my wardrobe at the minute) but it baffles me that this has been something I've had on in a January in Leeds during the day.

2016: I'd forgotten about this outfit! I was really into it last year, but have since thrown the top and the skirt away. I'll have to find new ways to style the vest, though, because I love it. Making these posts is also a great way of finding pieces I don't wear that much or have forgotten about and remembering to use them more!

2017: And here's what I wore this month, this year. Check out the post if you haven't yet! :-)

It was so strange that I've almost been in a different country - or at least city - every January! There's pictures from Scotland, Germany, different places in England and different places in Finland here. And even as I was writing this, I was on a coach en route to Helsinki from where I continued to my current location in London and will later leave for Lisbon. January seems to be the month I travel every year!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

violets in january

 Coat - Urban Outfitters
Headband - Self-made
Gloves - Accessorize
Dress (as skirt) - H&M
Top - 2nd hand/ASOS
Shoes - New look

Hey, you guys, and happy new year!

It almost fels like a tradition at this point for me to disappear for a while from the blog and then come back with promises of how I'll be better. Let's be honest; there's no guarantee I will be. But I do have good intentions. And all of you who come back to my blog every time, I appreciate you lots. And all of you who interact me on other social media while I'm a blog-absentee, I really appreciate you lots.

Instead of talking about this sequin top (Which is amazing and my favourite thing in the world. Sparkling into the new year, as you do.), let me tell you what's been up and and what's going to happen in my life in the near future. I've been back at uni doing my Masters for almost six months now. It's really not that much work at the minute, but it wouldn't be surprising if the workload started creeping on me soon enough. I had a good Christmas, I thought up some goals for 2017. And although on a more general and global level 2017 is more or les all doom and gloom, personally 2017 is looking like it could be a good year for me. In a couple of days I'm leaving for a short holiday in London, after which I'm moving to Portugal. The change of scenery and change of snow into sunshine and the sea is definitely something worth looking forward to. Amidst all the travelling and busyness of the next month or so, I am also looking forward to getting back to this little corner of the internet on a more regular basis. As always, I'd love it if you came along this journey that is this blog, my life and whatever the hell is going on in it and the world in general.